Resolution: SERA-IEG-6 Confirmation of Purpose

Posted September 27, 2004

Whereas, SERA-IEG-6 (and its predecessors) have successfully met its objectives since 1954 and celebrated its 50th anniversary at the 2004 joint meeting in Newark, Delaware, and

Whereas, the land grant universities and public supported laboratories pioneered unbiased soil testing methodologies and interpretations in the United States, and

Whereas the work group has served as an important forum for discussion of soil fertility and environmental issues and encouraged uniform recommendations in the southeastern region of the United States, and

Whereas 14 publications have been generated to date by cooperative efforts of its members and serve as important reference standards for both public and private sectors, and

Therefore, be it resolved that SERA-IEG-6 continue its commitment toward providing unbiased, research-based soil testing, plant tissue, water, and manure analysis, and

Furthermore, be it resolved that this work group will continue to share information and improve quality control and methodologies in accordance with our stated objectives.