Project or Activity Designation and Number: SERA-IEG-6

Project or Activity Title: Nutrient Analysis of Soils, Plants, Water, and Waste Materials

Period Covered: June 6, 2007- June 25, 2008

Annual Meeting Dates: Annual meeting held jointly with NEC-17 and NCRA-13, University of Tennessee, Nashville, TN, June 22-25, 2008

Participants: A list of SERA-IEG-6 members and participants in the 2007 meeting along with a record of the minutes from this meeting can be found at the following URL: - click on Participants. Address for the list-server is

Project or Activity Leadership: Activity Leadership:

Chair - Hailin Zhang,

Chair-elect - Rao Mylavarapo,

Secretary - Frank Sikora,
Past Chair - Hubert J. Savoy,
Research Administrative Advisor -Mark Hussey,

Extension Administrative Advisor - David Kissel,

Brief summary of minutes of annual meeting: Please refer to 2008 meeting minutes at the following URL:

The 2008 annual meeting was hosted by University of Tennessee. Dr. John Wilkerson (Interim Dean for Agricultural Research) welcomed the group to Nashville.

Texas A&M University agreed to host the 2009 meeting in Texas. The meeting will be held June 22-24, 2009.

David Hardy was nominated and elected to the position of secretary.

Frank Sikora served his last year as SERA6 representative on the NAPT board (serving two 3 year terms). Tony Provin was nominated and elected to serve on the board representing SERA6 for a 3 year term.

Accomplishments and Impacts: The work-group continues to be a forum for interaction of members concerning soil, plant, waste, and water analysis testing and appropriate recommendations given to agricultural producers and others as a result of such testing. Standardization and cooperative activities are encouraged whenever possible within the region. This strengthens national efforts to effectively and efficiently utilize our lime and fertilizer resources while protecting the environment and improving water quality by providing opportunities, if taken, for combining manpower and physical resources within the region wherever appropriate.

A fact sheet on the Adams-Evans buffer replacement (Moore and Sikora) has been completed and is on the web site.

A white paper was prepared on the value of public agricultural soil testing laboratories and is available on the web site.

Cooperative Research Projects/Bulletins:

Larry Oldham agreed to chair a subcommittee to develop an outline on how best to move forward to coordinate activities on calibration/correlation for biomass crops.

Tony Provin agreed to send out an email soliciting interest in nutrient management for specialty crops.

New Publications:

Debbie Joines will continue efforts to develop a fact sheet on Copper deficiency in animals as influenced by soil fertility.

Hugh Savoy indicated he still has not received an ISBN number for the Southern Coop Series 190 revision.

Frank Sikora proposed the work on the ICP vs colorimetric-P be developed into a research publication.

Charlie Mitchell presented progress on the regional cotton publication.

Prepared and submitted by: Frank Sikora

Date Submitted: 2/26/09