Chair - Hubert J. Savoy,

Past Chair - Ray Campbell,

Chair-elect - HailinZhang,

Secretary - Rao Mylavarapo,

Research Administrative Advisor - Bob Westerman,

Extension Administrative Advisor - David Kissel,

The 2006 annual meeting was hosted by Clemson University. Dr. Neil Ogg, Associate Vice President of Public Service and Agriculture welcomed the group to Clemson.

During the coming year, efforts will be focused on completing bulletins in various stages of preparation. Group priorities and future needs were suggested as a topic for the next meeting as the group prepares for a renewal request in 2007. The mission statement was presented and opportunity given for revision.

Alabama has agreed to host the 2007 SERA-IEG-6 meeting, June 3-6.

Cooperative Research Projects/Bulletins:

Some additional modifications where suggested for Bulletin 190 and those are being incorporated prior to posting on the web site. The bulletin has completed peer review.

Publications in Progress:

New publications/fact sheets added to the web during 2005-06 include:

1. Conversion Equations for Soil Test Extractants: Mehlich-1 and Mehlich-3 SERA-IEG-6*5, Sikora et. al

New Publications:

1. Charles Mitchel will lead an effort to develop a Cotton Fertility publication for cotton grown on Coastal Plain soils.

2. Frank Sikora will complete a fact sheet on replacing the SMP buffer with the Sikora buffer for determining lime requirement.

3. Kathy Moore will complete a fact sheet on replacing the Adams-Evans Buffer with the Moore-Sikora buffer for determining lime requirement.

4. Debbie Joines will continue efforts to develop a fact sheet on Copper deficiency in animals as influenced by soil fertility.

5. Georgia will continue to lead the regional effort to produce a generic video promoting soil testing.