Project or Activity Designation and Number:SERA-IEG-6

Project or Activity Title:Nutrient Analysis of Soils, Plants, Water, and Waste Materials

Period Covered:July 1, 2003-September 9, 2004

Annual Meeting Dates:Joint Meeting with NCR-13 and NEC-1007 September 13-15, 2004 University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Participants: A list of SERA-IEG-6 members and participants in the 2004 meeting along with a record of the minutes from this meeting can be found at the following URL: - click on Participants. Address for the list-server is

Project or Activity Leadership: Activity Leadership:

Chair - Ray Campbell,

Past Chair - Kathy Moore,

Chair-elect - Hugh Savoy,

Secretary - Hailin Zhang,

Research Administrative Advisor - Bob Westerman,

Extension Administrative Advisor - David Kissel,

Brief summary of minutes of annual meeting: Please refer to meeting minutes at the following URL:

Accomplishments and Impacts: The work-group continues to be a forum for interaction of members concerning soil, plant, waste, and water analysis issues. Although laboratory procedures and equipment are reviewed, major emphases are placed on recommendations. Uniform regional recommendations are agreed upon where appropriate. This has significant impact on national efforts to protect the environment, improve water quality, and preserve natural resources.

The 2004 Joint Meeting was hosted by NEC-1007 and facilitated a discussion and comparison of Code 590 and State regulations for nutrient management across the participating regions. SERA-IEG-6 stresses the importance of member involvement as rules are developed in the various States.

During the coming year, efforts will be focused on completing bulletins in various stages of preparation. Efforts will also be made to place old publications such as Mehlich's work on Web site. Members will continue to work collectively and individually to emphasize proper use of soil testing, plant, waste, and water analysis in protecting the environment and preserving soil and water resources.

The Oklahoma State University Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory will host the 2005 SERA-IEG-6 meeting.

Cooperative Research Projects: Quantification of Differences Between ICP and Colorimetric Phosphorus Determinations- Lab work has been completed. Results to be summarized and published by 2005 meeting.

Publications in Progress:Reviewers have Bulletin 190 and it should be approved and posted on Web by this fall; Regional Cotton Fertility Bulletin- In Progress, Charles Mitchell will write bulk of bulletin along with Carl Crozier and Glen Harris; Manure Testing Manual (Joint Project with NCR-13) Completed and Posted on Web site April of 2003; Final revision of M1 - M3 Conversion Fact Sheet was reviewed and approved at annual meeting; Quantification of Differences Between ICP and Colorimetric Phosphorus Determinations- Lab work has been completed. Final report will be prepared, No update at the 2004 Meeting; Deficiency Symptoms for Crops in the Southern Region of the United States- Web Site collection of photographs describing nutrient deficiency symptoms for important crops of the Southern Region. Goal is to organize and begin collection by 2005 meeting.

New Publications:A New Method for Measuring Lime Buffer Capacity - SERA-IEG-6*3, D. E. Kissel and P. F. Vendrel, University of Goergia; A New Method for Measuring Soil pH - SERA-IEG-6*4, D. E Kissel and P. F. Vendrell, University of Georgia; Debbie Joines, University of Tennessee and Paul Vendrell, University of Georgia will develop new Fact Sheet addressing special nutritional requirements of crops targeted for animal production.

Resolutions: Drafts of resolutions prepared concerning Quality Assurance Programs and the mission of SERA-IEG-6. Resolutions to receive final approval followed by submission to NAPT and MAP Committees.

Prepared by:Dr. C. Ray Campbell, Chair

Submitted by:Drs. Robert Westerman and David Kissel

Date Submitted: November 15, 2005