2001 Annual Accomplishment Report

Activity Designation and Number: SERA-IEG-6

Activity Title: Southern Extension and Research Activity Information Exchange Group - 6 - Nutrient Analysis of Soils, Plants, Water, and Waste Materials

Period Covered: 08 00 through 06 01.

Annual Meeting Dates: June 10 - 12, 2001

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

Participants: Available on web site: http://www.clemson.edu/agsrvlb/sera6 - click on Participants. Address for the listserver is sera-ieg-L@clemson.edu.

Activity Leadership:

Chair - Kathy Moore, kmr@clemson.edu

Past Chair - Bill Thom, wthom@ca.uky.edu

Chair-elect - Ray Campbell, crcampbell@ipass.net

Secretary - Hugh Savoy, hsavoy@utk.edu

Research Administrative Advisor - Bob Westerman, rwester@okstate.edu

Extension Administrative Advisor - David Kissel, dkissel@arches.uga.edu

Minutes of annual meeting; Available on above web site - click on minutes - 2001.

Accomplishments and Impacts:

The mission of the group is stated as to 1) develop, modify, and document reference procedures, 2) regionalize soil test calibration/correlation and interpretation efforts, and 3) encourage analytical proficiency and adequate quality control/quality assurance.

1) The bulletin regarding laboratory methodology (listed below under publications) has been updated and published with a new revision letter and date. Leadership of the bulletin has been given to Hugh Savoy (Univ. of Tennessee) and a new web site will be generated. A manure testing method manual is in progress to standardize manure analysis methods. A presentation comparing Mehlich 1 and Mehlich 3 was given and the group held a discussion regarding cation exchange capacity (CEC).

2) A proposed electronic regional cooperative series bulletin entitled "Research-Based Soil Testing and Recommendations for Cotton on Coastal Plain Soils" edited by C. C. Mitchell (Auburn Univ.) and G. Harris (Univ. of Georgia) is in progress. The chapters (various authors) are defined as follows: Soils of the Southeastern Coastal Plain Region, Soil Sampling for Cotton on Coastal Plain Soils, Nitrogen Rates, Phosphorus and Potassium Calibration and Interpretation, Mehlich-3, Mehlich-1, Secondary and Micronutrient Testing for Cotton, Liming and pH adjustment for Cotton, and Considerations for Special Production Practices. This publication will aid in the regionalization of Coastal Plain soil testing procedures and recommendations for cotton.

3) The group continues to work toward analytical proficiency and adequate quality control/quality assurance by being involved with the North American Proficiency Testing program (NAPT) and through new ideas from instrumentation presentations and laboratory tours.

The primary interests of the stakeholders are accurate results, good turn-around time, and easy access to the results. Through quality control and new instrumentation and methods the labs can ensure accurate results and good turn-around time. One focus of this meeting was software program development and online reporting systems that will help the end user obtain easy access to the results. A survey indicated that, of the labs submitting data, 5 are now posting their results to the web for client access. Three additional labs are using email to transmit information. This move toward electronic access of information benefits the user with turn-around time and ease of access.

The work on the methods and recommendation publications will provide consistency within the region for the user. The discussions regarding laboratory methods and calculations will aid in the unification of the region.

The public also has environmental concerns regarding the application of animal waste as fertilizer. An update on the status of phosphorus in Coastal Plain soils following swine waste application was given.

Plans for next year include continued work on the Coastal Plain soil publication for cotton. A similar cotton publication for other soils will be pursued. Fact sheets regarding 1) color vs. ICP phosphorus and 2) standard methods and use of estimated/calculated/or other CEC values will be pursued. The mission statement will also be reviewed and updated. The meeting will be held in Athens, Georgia, June 9-11, 2002.


Hanlon, Edward A. Procedures Used by State Soil Testing Laboratories in the Southern Region of the United States, Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin No. 190 - Revision C, August 2001.

Submitted by: Kathy Moore, Chair

Submitted through SERA-IEG-6 Administrative Advisors

Date Submitted: 08/22/01