Household Water Quality Publications

Household water quality circulars are available to help deal with problems identified by water test reports. The circulars are brief, written in a non-technical fashion, and designed for county-delivery along with water test results or on their own to answer common questions.

Circular 858-1 Protecting your Well and Well Head
Circular 858-2 Testing for Water Quality
Circular 858-3 Home Water Quality and Treatment
Circular 858-4 Shock Chlorination
Circular 858-5 Nitrate in Water
Circular 858-6 Pesticides
Circular 858-7 Coliform Bacteria in Your Water
Circular 858-8 Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfate
Circular 858-9 Corrosion or Scaling Water
Circular 858-10 Lead and Copper
Circular 858-11 Iron and Manganese
Circular 858-12 Arsenic in Your Water
Circular 858-13 Mercury in Your Water
Circular 858-14 Uranium in Your Water
Circular 858-15 Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfate
Circular 858-16 Radon in Your Water
Circular 992 Understanding Laboratory Wastewater Tests: I. ORGANICS (BOD, COD, TOC, O&G)
Circular 996 Removal of Arsenic from Household Water
Circular 1016 Your Household Water Quality: Odors in Your Water
Circular 1124 Ensuring Safe Private Well Water for Household Use After a Flood
Bulletin 939 Water Quality and Common Treatments for Private Drinking Water Systems
Bulletin 1152-03Improving Drinking Water Well Condition
Bulletin 1441 Drinking Water: Interpretation and Recommendations
Bulletin 1448 Irrigation Water Quality for Agriculture
Bulletin 1457 Iron (Manganese) and Sulfur Bacteria in Your Well Water
Bulletin 1487 Household Water Treatment: Disinfection Methods and Devices
Bulletin 1523 Household Water Treatment: Mechanical Filtration Methods and Devices
Bulletin 1542 Household Water Treatment Techniques and Devices: ACTIVATED CARBON FILTRATION