Miscellaneous Analyses

Georgia clients are encouraged to visit their local Extension office for sample submission and consultation.

The Extension office will assist you with sampling, bottles, soil bags, and fees.

If you would like to submit samples directly to the lab:

1. Choose A Test And Fill Out A Form

Featured Tests
M1 - Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE)

Fee: $20.00*

M2 - Calcium + Magnesium

(test for dolomitic limestone)

Fee: $25.00*

M3 - Lead (Pb) in paint chips

(>5000 ppm indicates Pb-based paint)

Fee: $36.00*

*Additional shipping costs may apply

2. Collect A Sample

Application of chemical fertilizers can contribute to soil acidification which is harmful for plant production, liming is a common practice to improve the pH of acidic soils. But how much to apply liming materials in a soil is varying. Soil Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE) or content of Calcium plus Magnesium (for dolomitic limestone) offers a numeric value to the effectiveness of different liming materials. Both tests are offered in the AESL laboratories.

3. Deliver Your Sample

Georgia clients: Locate Your County Extension Office

Out-Of-State Clients: Deliver your sample to our mailing address.

This number will connect you to the UGA Extension Office in the County where your phone is registered: 1-800-ASK-UGA1