Crop Quality Analyses

Georgia clients are encouraged to visit their local Extension office for sample submission and consultation.

The Extension office will assist you with sampling, bottles, soil bags, and fees.

If you would like to submit samples directly to the lab:

1. Choose A Test And Fill Out A Form

Featured Tests
C7 - Onion Quality Package

Pyruvic acid, Lachrymatory factor, and Methyl Thiosulfinates

Fee: $80.00*

C4 - Pyruvic Acid (PA)

Fee: $40.00*

C5 - Sugar Profile

sucrose, glucose, and fructose

Fee: $40.00*

C6 - Fruit Quality Package

pH, Brix, and TA

Fee: $30.00*

*Additional shipping costs may apply

Submission Forms

2. Collect A Sample

The Agricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories (AESL) offers tests for the analysis of flavor compounds in onions and other crops. The list of tests being offered and sample report form is shown at The sample submission form can be found at The fee for these analyses is $80 per sample; however, if samples are submitted in groups of 10 samples or more at a time, then the cost per sample is $70. Samples can be submitted through county extension offices, in which case the c ost of shipping is included in the samples cost, or samples can be mailed directly, in which case the growers are responsible for covering the cost of shipping. Each composite sample from the grower should consist of ten onions (see sampling protocol below). It is important to place the composite sample in a paper or mesh bag only. Plastic bags should NOT be used. The bagged sample/s should be shipped by UPS in a cardboard shipping box. Shipping boxes (12x10x6) for one composite sample of 10 onions or 12x10x12" for 2 composite samples) are available from the Extension mail room at the Hoke Smith Annex (Phone: 706-542-8844) and prepaid UPS shipping labels are available at the AESL (Phone: 706-542-5350), email: All samples should be clearly labeled and submitted along with a completed sample submission form. Mail the boxed samples to AESL at the address provided above.

Field Sampling Protocol

To best represent a field, collect onion samples randomly around the area. If the sample is to represent a 5-10 acre field, divide the area into four quadrants, collect two (2) mature onions from each quadrant, and 2 onions from the center of the field. It is ideal to collect onions of the same size and maturity. If the sample is from the packing house, make sure that the onion lot is well represented by collecting ten onions from various sections of the lot. Again, it is best to collect onions of the same grade, size and maturity.

For inquiry, call: 706-542-9023 and ask for information.

Prepaid UPS shipping labels are available from 706-542-5350.

3. Deliver Your Sample

Georgia clients: Locate Your County Extension Office

Out-Of-State Clients: Deliver your sample to our mailing address.

This number will connect you to the UGA Extension Office in the County where your phone is registered: 1-800-ASK-UGA1