Industrial/Business Lawns - St. Augustine (Code #792)
Soil Test RatingPotassium

Low K

Coast: 0-60 lbs/A

Pied: 0-100 lbs/A

Medium K

Coast: 61-150 lbs/A

Pied: 101-200 lbs/A

High K

Coast: 151-250 lbs/A

Pied: 201-350 lbs/A

Very High K

Coast: 250+ lbs/A

Pied: 350+ lbs/A

PhosphorusRecommended Pounds N-P205-K20 per 1000 square feet

Low P

Coast: 0-30 lbs/A

Pied: 0-20 lbs/A


Medium P

Coast: 31-60 lbs/A

Pied: 21-40 lbs/A


High P

Coast: 61-100 lbs/A

Pied: 41-75 lbs/A


Very High P

Coast: 100+ lbs/A

Pied: 75+ lbs/A


Coast = Coastal Plain    Pied = Piedmont, Mountain, and Limestone Valley


Recommended pH:5.5 to 6.5. If the pH is less than 5.5, see Lime Table C and the soil depth adjustment table that immediately follows the lime tables.
Nitrogen:2-4 pounds nitrogen (N) per 1000 square feet. The rate selected will be determined by the amount of growth and color desired.

If soil test Mg level is low and lime is recommended, use dolomitic limestone.

Coastal PlainLow: 0 - 30 lbs/acre Medium: 31 - 60 lbs/acre High: >60 lbs/acre
Piedmont Low: 0 - 60 lbs/acre Medium: 61 - 120 lbs/acre High: >120 lbs/acre

Fact Sheet:

Apply 0.75 to 1.25 pound of N per 1000 square feet when spring growth begins and again in June, July and September. Under good management a 1 pound/1000 square feet rate will generally produce good turf. If more or less growth and color are desired adjust the rate accordingly.

The recommended amounts of P2O5 and K2O can be applied in one application in early spring or may be applied in split applications, especially when two pounds per 1000 square feet are recommended.

The last fertilizer application of the year should have near equal amounts of N and K2O and should be applied no later than one month before the normal first killing frost.

If the lime recommendation is greater than 50 pounds per 1000 square feet, split the application and apply only half of the recommended amount. Wait 4 months and then retest for soil pH and lime requirement only. Take All disease of centipedegrass and St. Augustinegrass may sometimes occur if too much lime is applied; retesting before applying more lime is a precautionary measure to avoid problems with Take All disease.

Clippings do not contribute to thatch under proper management and thus should not be removed. Recycling clippings can reduce nitrogen fertilizer needs by 30% and is more environmentally sound.