Alfalfa-Establishment (Code #025)
Soil Test RatingPotassium

Low K

Coast: 0-70 lbs/A

Pied: 0-120 lbs/A

Medium K

Coast: 71-170 lbs/A

Pied: 121-250 lbs/A

High K

Coast: 171-275 lbs/A

Pied: 251-400 lbs/A

Very High K

Coast: 275+ lbs/A

Pied: 400+ lbs/A

PhosphorusRecommended Pounds N-P205-K20 per Acre

Low P

Coast: 0-30 lbs/A

Pied: 0-20 lbs/A


Medium P

Coast: 31-60 lbs/A

Pied: 21-40 lbs/A


High P

Coast: 61-100 lbs/A

Pied: 41-75 lbs/A


Very High P

Coast: 100+ lbs/A

Pied: 75+ lbs/A


Coast = Coastal Plain    Pied = Piedmont, Mountain, and Limestone Valley


Recommended pH:6.5 to 7.0. If the pH is less than 6.5, see Lime Table A.
Nitrogen:0 pounds nitrogen (N) per acre

If soil test Mg level is low and lime is recommended, use dolomitic limestone; if soil test Mg is low and lime is not recommended, apply 25 pounds of Mg/Acre.

Coastal PlainLow: 0 - 60 lbs/acre Medium: 61 - 120 lbs/acre High: >120 lbs/acre
Piedmont Low: 0 - 120 lbs/acre Medium: 121 - 240 lbs/acre High: >240 lbs/acre
Other:See boron (B) and molybdenum (Mo) recommendations below.

Fact Sheet:

Per 60 pounds of seed, apply 1/4 ounce of molybdenum (2/3 ounce of sodium molybdate) in just enough water to slightly moisten the seed. (CAUTION: DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED AMOUNT OF MOLYBDENUM.)

Apply 3 pounds of boron (B) per acre.

Piedmont only:

Gypsum subsoil test: Research has shown significant yield increases to gypsum application on some piedmont and mountain soils with red, acidic subsoils. A subsoil sample must be tested to determine if gypsum is needed. Take samples by removing and discarding the topsoil down to a depth of 15 inches. Collect a subsoil sample from the 15-inch depth from several locations, mix and place in a soil test bag. There is a fee for this special test.