Peanuts (Code #010)
Soil Test RatingPotassium

Low K

Coast: 0-30 lbs/A

Pied: 0-50 lbs/A

Medium K

Coast: 31-60 lbs/A

Pied: 51-100 lbs/A

High K

Coast: 61-150 lbs/A

Pied: 101-200 lbs/A

Very High K

Coast: 150+ lbs/A

Pied: 200+ lbs/A

PhosphorusRecommended Pounds N-P205-K20 per Acre

Low P

Coast: 0-15 lbs/A

Pied: 0-10 lbs/A


Medium P

Coast: 16-30 lbs/A

Pied: 11-20 lbs/A


High P

Coast: 31-60 lbs/A

Pied: 21-40 lbs/A


Very High P

Coast: 60+ lbs/A

Pied: 40+ lbs/A


Coast = Coastal Plain    Pied = Piedmont, Mountain, and Limestone Valley


Recommended pH:6.0. If the pH is less than 6.0, see Lime Table C.
Nitrogen:0 pounds nitrogen (N) per acre

If soil test Mg level is low and lime is recommended, use dolomitic limestone; if soil test Mg is low and lime is not recommended, apply 25 pounds of Mg/Acre.

Coastal PlainLow: 0 - 30 lbs/acre Medium: 31 - 60 lbs/acre High: >60 lbs/acre
Piedmont Low: 0 - 60 lbs/acre Medium: 61 - 120 lbs/acre High: >120 lbs/acre
Other:See boron (B) and calcium (Ca) recommendations below.

Fact Sheet:

Apply inoculum when field has not been planted in peanuts for more than 5 years.

Calcium should be applied to all peanuts saved for seed purposes and to all large-seeded Virginia type varieties regardless of soil test levels. The broadcast rates for Runner or Spanish type saved for seed are 160 to 200 pounds calcium per acre as gypsum and for large-seeded Virginia type 320 to 400 pounds calcium per acre as gypsum. When banding over the row reduce the broadcast rates proportionately.

For Runner and Spanish types for market production, lime that is recommended and applied after deep turning and incorporated no more than 3-inches prior to planting should supply adequate calcium. When lime is not applied or when large amounts of rainfall occur between application of lime and planting, a soil sample should be taken 10 - 14 days after planting to determine calcium level in the pegging zone. Take pegging zone samples 3-inches deep and request the special calcium test to determine if gypsum should be applied.

When applying boron it may be applied with the fertilizer, preplant incorporated herbicides, or split in two early fungicide applications (prior to early bloom).

If plant residues are removed from the field, soil test prior to planting the next crop.