AESL - Household Water Quality Series Circulars

Household Water Quality Publications

Household water quality circulars are available to help deal with problems identified by water test reports. The circulars are brief, written in a non-technical fashion, and designed for county-delivery along with water test results or on their own to answer common questions.

Circular 858-1 Protecting your Well and Well Head
Circular 858-2 Testing for Water Quality
Circular 858-3 Home Water Quality and Treatment
Circular 858-4 Shock Chlorination
Circular 858-5 Nitrate in Water
Circular 858-6 Pesticides
Circular 858-7 Coliform Bacteria in Your Water
Circular 858-8 Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfate
Circular 858-9 Corrosion or Scaling Water
Circular 858-10 Lead and Copper
Circular 858-11 Iron and Manganese
Circular 858-12 Arsenic in Your Water
Circular 858-13 Mercury in Your Water
Circular 858-14 Uranium in Your Water
Circular 858-15 Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfate
Circular 858-16 Radon in Your Water
Circular 996 Removal of Arsenic from Household Water
Circular 1016 Your Household Water Quality: Odors in Your Water
Circular 1124 Ensuring Safe Private Well Water for Household Use After a Flood
Bulletin 939 Water Quality and Common Treatments for Private Drinking Water Systems
Bulletin 1152-03Improving Drinking Water Well Condition
Bulletin 1441 Drinking Water: Interpretation and Recommendations
Bulletin 1448 Irrigation Water Quality for Agriculture
Bulletin 1457 Iron (Manganese) and Sulfur Bacteria in Your Well Water
Bulletin 1487 Household Water Treatment: Disinfection Methods and Devices