AESL - Feed and Forage Publications

Feed and Forage Publications

B 911 Bermudagrass in Georgia
RB 423 Cool-Season Grass Cultivar Trials in North Georgia
B 1373 Cutting Costs, Not Corners: Managing Cattle in Tough Times
B 1367 Common Terms Used in Animal Feeding and Nutrition
C 914 Forage Use and Grazing Herd Management during a Drought
B 1224 Forage Systems for Horses in Georgia
B 1351 Georgia Forages: Grass Species
B 1347 Georgia Forages: Legume Species
B 1355 How to Feed a Horse: Understanding the Basic Principles of Horse Nutrition
SB 58 Measuring the Dry Matter Content of Feeds
B 895 Mineral Supplements for Beef Cattle
C 915 Nitrate Toxicity
B 1390 Selenium in Georgia Soils and Forages: Importance in the Livestock Industry
B 1346 Soil and Fertilizer Management Considerations for Forage Systems in Georgia
B 1371 UGA Basic Balancer Spreadsheet
B 1377 UGA Feed Cost Analyzer
CSS-F048 Using Relative Forage Quality to Categorize Hay
B 1425 Understanding and Improving Forage Quality
Forage Quality Comparison Chart
RFQ Calculation