A mid-rotation pine stand fertilization calculator
for material needs, cost, and rate of return

R. Hitchcock, D. E. Kissel, and D. Dickens

Calculating pounds per acre of fertilizer materials needed and cost for a single NP or NPK fertilizer application in a loblolly, longleaf, or slash pine stand based on a publication by Dickens, Moorhead, Morris and Kissel (2010):

A checklist for fertilization of loblolly, longleaf, and slash pine stands

Usually a stand is fertilized with N and P so there will be many cases where K is not needed.
Stands that need K added are where foliar K < 0.25%, especially in longleaf stands.


P Source:

1. Fertilizer materials needed

Nutrient Pounds per acre needed
Elemental nutrient Urea
Nitrogen 75 - 250    
Phosphorus 20 - 50      
Potassium 40 - 80    

2. Cost per acre for fertilizer materials

Enter total cost per acre if known: $

Otherwise, enter the data below:

per acre
Cost per
ton ($)
Cost per
pound of
nutrient ($)
Cost per
acre ($)
Urea N:
Fertilizer cost per acre
Application cost
Cost per acre $
Cost per pound of fertilizer $
Total cost per acre

3. Rate of return (ROR) estimates based on fertilizer cost and anticipated extra wood value grown

Up-front cost Final harvest numbers
Total cost per acre Estimated extra wood growth rate
Value of extra wood grown
($/ton) *
Number of years to final harvest Extra wood grown final value
Rate of return expressed as interest rate

5 - 10 years
* Current pine stumpage price for your area can be obtained from your County Agent, State Forester, Consulting Forester, or Wood Buyer.