Guidelines for Collecting Leaf and Plant Tissue for Plant Analysis

Stage of Growth

Plant Part to Sample

Number of Plants or Leaves to Sample


Seedling stage (less than 12)

All the above ground portion, cutting 1 above ground level

15 - 20

Prior to tasseling

The first fully developed leaf below the whorl

15 - 20

From tasseling and shooting to silking*

The entire leaf at the ear node (or immediately above or below it.

15 - 20

*Sampling after silking occurs is not recommended.


Tillering (Feekes GS 3)* to just prior to heading** (GS 10 - boot stage)

All above ground portion taken one inch above ground level

30 - 40

Just prior to heading (GS 10)

Flag leaf

40 - 50

*GS = growth stage
**Sampling after heading is not recommended.

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